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Wool Rugs Cleaning in Old Hill

Old Hill in Connecticut is renowned for its high-quality wool rugs, which can add a touch of timeless luxury and style to any home.


Benefits of Professional Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool rugs bring a beauty and comfort to a home, but unfortunately wool fibers are prone to dirt and debris. As wool rugs are more delicate than other types of carpets and fabrics, it is important to seek out a certified wool rug cleaning professional who knows how best to clean wool without damaging the fibers or colors. Not only will they be cleansed of dust mites and allergens, wool rugs cleaned by professionals will be brighter in color and have soft, well-maintained texture.


The Process of Professional Carpet Cleaning

CT Cleaners takes a professional approach to carpet cleaning. They begin by identifying the type of fibers and dyes used in carpets, as well as the specific dye process used. This allows them to select appropriate cleaning method and chemistry. CT Cleaners then pre-treats carpets with a pre-conditioner to break down any soiling on the carpet’s surface before beginning the clearing process.

After pre-treatment CT Cleaners use modern truck mounted equipment to rinse away dirt, leaving carpets soft, clean and residue free.



Vacuuming lifts dirt, dust and pet hair off the surface of the carpet, whereas steam cleaning penetrates deeper into the fibers of your carpet to remove bacteria and unwanted particles. Steam cleaning also helps to kill germs while giving carpet fibers new life as stale odors from spills or smoke evaporate when steam is released onto the fabric.


Pre-Treatment & Spot Removal

Pre-treatment is all about prevention; it involves taking care of a rug before there is any sign of wear or damage. This includes regularly vacuuming, treating spills right away with appropriate cleaners and vacuums, and providing protection against sunlight and dirt. Spot removal involves cleaning small areas of the rug that have been damaged or stained due to everyday use. This can involve using the right kind of rug cleaner to remove spots that have become deeply ingrained in the rug’s fibers, as well as soaking up spills quickly before they cause staining.


Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning your rug can be a challenging task, but it is an important aspect to keeping it looking its best. Not only does deep cleaning help remove dirt and dust that gets buried in the rug fibers over time, but it also enjoyed other benefits such as removing allergens, odors, and other contaminants that may have built up over time. In addition to regular vacuuming and spot-cleaning, deep cleaning your rug every six months.

Wool Rugs Cleaning


Drying & Final Inspection

Whether the rug is new or antique, the next step in rug care and rug cleaning is the drying process. This can be done with natural air circulation or with a rug wringer. After drying, a rug should be carefully inspected for any remaining damage or filth. Experienced rug caregivers will know what signs to look for when assessing for damage and can provide tips and advice on how to continue caring for your rug to avoid further damage.

With proper inspection and care from this point onwards, your rug should carry on providing you with years of comfort and beauty.

Wool Rugs Cleaning


DIY Wool Rug Cleaning

DIY rug cleaning can be a great way to save money and protect your rug investment. Wool rugs require special attention when it comes to their maintenance and cleaning. Proper deep cleaning of wool rugs should be done every two to three years, though they may need more frequent spot or surface cleaning. Start by vacuuming your rug regularly and using an upholstery attachment when possible.

To spot clean spills, use a clean cloth and a mild carpet-cleaning solution designed for wool rug fibers. It is important to move quickly in order to avoid stains setting into the rug’s fibers, but use caution not to oversaturate the rug with too much liquid. Always rinse the area with a damp cloth after treating the spill with a carpet-cleaning solution. If you are looking for an all-natural rug cleaning option, consider making your own diluted vinegar and water solution as an effective spot cleaner for stubborn residue on your rug’s surface.


“I was so impressed with the Wool Rugs Cleaning service! My rugs looked fresh and new once they were finished!”

-Karen C., Old Hill



What You Need

One of the items that you need in wool rug cleaning is a vacuum cleaner. Investing in a good quality vacuum cleaner can make rug cleaning much more efficient and effective, as dirt and debris will be picked up quickly and easily. Additionally, you may want to consider an appropriate rug shampo or rug shampooer for deep cleans. For those times when spot washing is needed, some detergent or rug cleaning solution may do the trick.

Finally, depending on how often you plan on rug cleaning, having multiple types of rug brushes on hand can prove useful to get rid of stubborn stains and caked-on dirt. With these essential items in tow, you’re sure to have a successful rug cleaning experience!

Wool Rugs Cleaning - Denver Anderson


Steps to Follow

Taking proper care of rugs can be a tedious task. Cleaning them regularly is essential for hygiene and beauty purposes. Rugs should be vacuumed at least once every week to remove dust particles, mites, and other dirt that can accumulate over time. It’s also advised to use rug shampoo/cleaning solutions once every few months to rid them of stubborn stains or odors. Before cleaning, rug owners must always read up on the rug’s special needs such as if it would require special detergents or be best hand-washed.

Proper rug maintenance involves hanging for airing on the balcony at least twice a month so that rug owners can enjoy its original condition for years to come.

Wool Rugs Cleaning


Old Hill in Connecticut makes it easy for its residents to find professional rug cleaning services if they need them. With a variety of service and pricing options, there is sure to be something that fits everyone’s budget.

Professional rug cleaning ensures that rugs and carpets look their best over time, while also extending the life of your flooring. Quality rug cleaning work done in Old Hill helps keep homeowners safe from bacteria and toxins in the air and on the floor.

Investing in professional rug cleaning is a win-win situation for Old Hill homeowners, as it improves their home’s appearance while also enhancing their health.

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