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Wool Rugs Cleaning in Compo South

Wool is a type of fabric that has been used for thousands of years. It is a natural material made from the hair of animals such as goats, sheep, and alpacas. Wool is an excellent rug material because it retains heat in cold weather but also gives off cooler temperatures when there are warmer temperatures outside.


Identifying Types of Wool Rugs in Compo South

Compo South is renowned for its wide array of wool rugs, many of which have intricate patterns and varied textures. The different types of wool rug that can be found in Compo South include hand-knotted rugs, machine-made rugs, flat weave rugs, transitional rugs, dhurries, kilims and shaggy rugs. Each type has a distinct style and appearance that makes it unique. Hand-knotted rugs are created with fine thread carpet yarns that require skill and patience to produce.

They feature an exquisite level of detail and long durability. Machine-made carpets are also detailed but they can be completed faster than hand-knotted carpets.


Different types of wool used for rugs

Wool rugs are popular pieces often seen in modern homes due to their comfort, durability and style. Angora wool is made from the incredibly soft hair of Angora rabbits. Merino wool comes from Merino sheep and is known for being lightweight, durable and having excellent thermal insulation qualities due to UV light reflection. Cashmere wool is a finer material than both of the previous two wools and comes from Cashmere goats. It is warm, luxurious and comparable to human hair.


Identification of the types of wool used for rugs in Compo South

When making rugs in Compo South, the type of wool used largely depends on the project itself and for which purpose it is intended. Typically, sheep’s wool is favored due to its excellent insulation and breathability as well as its long-lasting durability. In addition to sheep’s wool, alpaca wool or llama wool may also be used due to their soft texture. It all comes down to the desired aesthetic and application; if a soft natural rug needs to be produced, alpaca is a great option, while sheep’s wool should be chosen when looking for increased durability.

Wool Rugs Cleaning


Best Practices for Cleaning Wool Rugs

We know that correctly caring for a wool rug isn’t just about getting it clean: it’s also about preserving the life of your carpet and enjoying it long-term! We recommend vacuuming your wool area rugs with an attachment at least once a week to prevent dirt buildup, and having CT Cleaners professionally deep clean them every 12 – 18 months. This will not only help protect the rug dyes, but also remove dust particles that can act as abrasives slowly wearing away at the fabric fibers.

CT Cleaners use special techniques to make sure each carpet is expertly cleaned from top to bottom. Give us a call today to book in your next professional wool rug cleaning appointment!


Vacuuming and spot cleaning

Vacuuming and spot cleaning are two important carpet cleaning approaches that can keep your carpets looking their best, while also allowing you to extend the lifespan of these investments. Vacuuming is an essential carpet maintenance task that should be done on a regular basis, preferably once or twice per week. Regular vacuuming helps remove dirt, debris and other particles that have settled into carpet fibers that could cause wear and tear over time.

Spot cleaning is another carpet-cleaning approach that can be done more frequently when needed. If any spills occur, it’s important to act quickly and use a professionally designed steam cleaning machine to lift away tough stains while preserving delicate carpet fibers. Both vacuuming and spot cleaning are excellent ways to protect and enhance carpeting in your home.

Wool Rugs Cleaning


Shampooing and deep steam cleaning

Shampooing rugs and deep steam cleaning are two popular ways of removing dirt, dust, stains, as well as allergens from rugs. Although both provide sanitizing and deodorizing results, the best choice depends on the material of your rugs. Shampooing is typically best for rugs with shorter fibers or blends that are fairly even in strength due to its scrubbing action on surface dirt and mud. Deep steam cleaning uses an extraction process that injects hot water into full-length fibers and can tackle deeper dirt and stubborn stains with no chemical residue remaining afterwards.

It is always recommended to read the care instructions before deciding which method to use on your rug so you can preserve it for a much longer time!


“I was so impressed with the Wool Rugs Cleaning service! My rugs looked fresh and new once they were finished!”

-Karen C., Compo South



Drying, brushing and airing out the rug

When it comes to rugs, making sure they are well-maintained is essential for prolonging their life. The key to successful rug maintenance lies in the basics: drying, brushing and airing out the rug. By ensuring rugs are properly dried, you can prevent mold growth that can irrevocably damage them. Regular brushing of the fibers will help remove dirt particles while also restoring fluff and resilience of rugs.

Finally, airing out rugs periodically helps them to stay fresh and remain free from odors. So, if you want your rugs to remain looking as good as new for years to come, don’t forget these simple but effective steps!

Wool Rugs Cleaning - Denver Anderson


Professional cleaning services available in Compo South

Professional cleaning services in Compo South provide a wide range of services to help keep your home sparkling. From window washing and carpet cleaning, to rugs, air ducts and furniture sanitation; their expert team is committed to the highest standards of cleanliness. By using the safest and most effective techniques, they can restore rugs, carpets and other materials back to their best. For those short on time and with busy lifestyles, these services provide a hassle-free solution that makes keeping your home looking immaculate a breeze.

Wool Rugs Cleaning


If you are looking for the best rugs cleaning service in Compo South for your wool rugs, look no further than CT Cleaners! They offer specialized services exclusively for rugs, using high quality leather cleaning solutions to ensure that your rugs last longer and remain in pristine condition. Their professional team is equipped with the right set of skills and experience to assess and clean rugs of all shapes, sizes, designs and colors.

Furthermore, they use eco-friendly products during all of their cleaning processes, so you can be sure that your rugs will be safely cleaned without exposure to harsh chemicals or detergents.


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