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Rug Padding in New Canaan South

Rug padding is an essential component of any floor covering. Its purpose is to serve as cushioning between the rug and the floor, providing additional softness, insulation, sound dampening, and protection for the rug and the floors beneath them. It also helps rugs hold their shape and remain secure on the floor.


Importance of Rug Padding

New Canaan South, Connecticut homeowners know the importance of having quality rug padding in their homes. Not only does it provide additional comfort underfoot, but it also protects your rug from unnecessary wear and tear. Rug padding ensures that your rug won’t slide or drift on a smooth floor when you walk over it, preventing tearing as well as unnecessary rubbing of the fibers against the floors.

Additionally, rug padding adds extra support and cushioning to extend the life expectancy of your rug and create an even surface for daily activities such as dining and playing games.

Rug Padding


Types of Rug Padding Available

Different types of rug padding have various effects based on their material make-up. Quality rubber pads, for example, are beneficial for enhancing comfort levels when walking on the rug. Here are some of them:


Foam-based Pads

Foam-based pads are an increasingly popular choice when it comes to comfort and support. Combining support and softness, these pads provide a cushioning layer of insulation between you and the surface you’re sitting or lying on. Not only do they offer a comfy feel, foam-based pads are also great for keeping your body positioned in one comfortable spot.


Felt-based Pads

Felt-based pads are an essential rug padding option for preserving your carpets and ensuring its longevity. They are made of rubber, vinyl or foam which provides a cushion effect, helping absorb shock from furniture and other heavy objects.

Felt pads also protect your rug from shifting, bunching and wrinkling. Not only do felt pads help the rug last longer, they also provide increased safety in your home by protecting those who walk on it and reducing the likelihood of slipping and falling.


Rubber-based Pads

Rug padding is an essential product that is often overlooked or taken for granted. Rubber-based rug pads are among the most popular for several reasons – they offer superior cushioning, support, and durability compared to other rug pads.

Most rubber rug pads are constructed with a solid rubber backer and a natural latex adhesive that ensures your rug will not slide around on the rug but will stay safe and secure in place.


“I am so glad I chose to avail rug padding services from this company. The rug pad they provided was amazing in quality and really helped the rug stay in place without any slips or sliding. Highly recommended!”

– Abraham T., New Canaan South


How to Choose the Right Rug Padding

When it comes to carpet cleaning, rug padding is just as important as carpet patching. The right rug padding can prevent carpet wear, increase the lifespan of a carpet, and reduce noise from everyday use.

Remember that carpet padding should be chosen according to the type of carpet you have, your lifestyle and budget. To start, assess what kind of carpet you own and research for the best rug padding options for that type.


Consider the Type of Rug You Have

When selecting a rug, consider the type of cleaning and repair it might require. Different rugs may need different cleaning approaches; for instance, handmade wool rugs should typically be dry-cleaned as opposed to machine cleaning, while synthetic rugs can often be spot cleaned with soap and water.

Excessive cleaning and repairs can wear down the material over time, so clean them no more than necessary.


Consider the Room Where It Will Be Placed

When selecting a piece of furniture for your home, it’s important to consider the room where it will be placed. Think about whether the item compliments the style and décor of the room. Is it repairing a certain functional issue, such as providing seating or storage?

Take some measurements, too; make sure you select an item that fits in both style and size. Including these considerations in your furniture shopping process can greatly impact the satisfaction you have with your purchase.


Consider the Amount of Traffic in The Room

In order to determine how much foot traffic is in a room, rug padding can be used as an indicator. It may appear that the rug itself has seen its share of action, but unless there are signs of wear and tear on the rug padding, the amount of traffic going through the room is minimal.

Rug Padding


Benefits of Installing Rug Padding in New Canaan South

CT Cleaners is proud to offer the benefit of installing rug padding in New Canaan South. Besides protecting your rug from everyday wear and tear, rug padding adds extra cushioning for added comfort and can even help extend the life of your rug!

Not only that, but it can also help avoid dangerous trip hazards while providing a non-slip grip. Installing rug padding is a great way to reduce noise, eliminate movement, and save energy by improving insulation – leading to lower energy bills over time!


Increased Comfort

Homeowners seeking increased comfort often look to rug padding, which is an excellent way to provide bedroom floors with a clean, soft and safe surface. Not only does rug padding add insulation that serves to keep rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, it also effectively protects rug fibers from accumulating matted down or clumped up spots due to wear.

Rug Padding - Monique Collins


Improved Safety

Improved safety through rug padding or rug pads is a great way to prevent slipping, tripping, and sliding on floors. They provide an extra layer of cushion between you and the hard, slippery surface beneath your rug which can help reduce damage if you slip and fall.


Reduced Wear and Tear on the Rug

Installing rug padding under your rug can drastically reduce the wear and tear that it experiences over time. Not only does rug padding add a layer of support and cushioning, it also reduces wear from normal use or movement across the rug that can otherwise cause the rug to prematurely break down and weaken.

Rug Padding


In Conclusion

Adding a rug padding to your newly installed area rug in New Canaan South is a great way to enhance the look of your living space. Rug pads can add cushioning and comfort, while also protecting floors from scratches or spills.

Not only are they designed to prolong the life of your rug and flooring, but they also provide additional sound insulation beneath floors, making them perfect for use in both apartments and residences.


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