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Rug Cleaning in New Canaan South

Rugs have been a part of home decor and function for many years, and are still considered an important purchase when thinking about how to spruce up a room. Rugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, textures, and motifs, which can add to their aesthetic value as decorative pieces.


Benefits of Keeping Your Rugs Clean

Keeping rugs clean is essential for both aesthetic and health reasons. When they are not properly cared for and cleaned, dirt, pollen, dust mites, pet dander and other allergens accumulate on the fibers, which can cause respiratory issues. Regular vacuuming helps remove dry soil but to really ensure that your rugs are sparkling clean you’ll need professional cleaning services. Doing this will prolong the life of your rug and enhance its lifespan by removing abrasive soils that will damage the fibers if left untreated.

Rug Cleaning


Types of Rug Cleaners Available

Finding rug cleaning services can make all the difference when trying to maintain carpets and rugs. There are a variety of rug cleaners on the market, each with a different specialty. Professional steam cleaners offer deep, thorough cleaning that can eliminate set-in stains and ground-in dirt. Portable rug shampooers are perfect for those who need spot treatments or don’t have access to a professional service.

Dry rug cleaning kits provide an ecologically-friendly way of taking care of messes without getting your hands dirty.


Professional Services

CT Cleaners offer professional services to those who are looking to spruce up their home or business. CT Cleaners provide deep-cleaning, specialized cleaning and janitorial services with a team of experienced professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment and deliver outstanding results. CT Cleaners also specialize in power washing, window cleaning, rug treatment, pressure washing and more – ensuring your space looks clean and inviting. CT Cleaners’ commitment to excellence is reflected in their customer service approach as they provide free estimates with no hidden fees.


DIY Solutions

Creating beautiful rugs for your home has never been easier! With DIY solutions, you can select the perfect wool, cotton, silk, or synthetic rug that is tailored to your specifications and fit perfectly in any space. Not only will you get the exact size and style that you are looking for, but you also get peace of mind knowing that it is a quality construction made with quality materials.


“I was very pleased with the rug cleaning services provided them. They did an excellent job of getting all the stains out of my rugs, and they were able to do it in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them for rug cleaning.”

-Toffer E., New Canaan South




Green/Eco-friendly Options

Eco rugs are usually made from certified organic materials such as jute or wool, which makes them not only environmentally friendly but also naturally softer and hypoallergenic. Choosing an eco-friendly rug is a surefire way to achieve both a sustainable home décor and a boost of confidence knowing that you have made a responsible buying decision.


Steps for Cleaning Your Rugs

Cleaning your rugs can be a great way to freshen up any room and is especially important for maintaining the life of your rug. Here are the steps you should follow to get the job done right. First, vacuum away loose debris. Make sure to use an appropriate setting as vacuuming too strong could damage the fibers. Next, inspect the rug closely for any stains that need treating. For fresher spots, a mild cleaning solution can be used, while harder-to-remove spots may require pre-treated solution and other special cleaning methods.

If you would like a deeper clean, consider shampooing or steam cleaning your rug with an appropriate mitt or brush. Lastly, make sure to let your rug dry completely before placing it back on the floor.


Vacuum and Spot Clean

Vacuum cleaners provide a comprehensive cleaning option that targets rugs and other surfaces in equal measure, while Spot Clean solutions tackle smaller areas of dirt or rugs more susceptible to staining. With the right combination of both, you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner home without having to take rugs in for professional cleaning.


Pre-treat Stains

Pre-treating stains is an important step in rug care, as it helps to lift and remove surface dirt before giving the rugs a deep clean. Before doing so, test a small spot of the fabric with your chosen product to make sure it won’t damage or discolor the material For general stains, you can use baking soda to scrub away light dirt without leaving behind residue that would attract more dirt in the future. Meanwhile, heavier duty stains like oil require detergents specifically made for rugs and fabrics.

Rug Cleaning


Shampoo or Steam Clean

Traditional shampooing involves hot water, detergent, and a special brush to work the soap deep into fabric fibers. This breaks down dirt and grime and rinses it away with a powerful wet vacuuming process. An alternative method is steam cleaning which uses pressurized hot water to penetrate rugs and extract dirt from the fibers. As it’s considered safer for rugs than traditional shampooing methods, steam cleaning often causes less damage to fibers after drying. Additionally, as no product other than water is used it requires less rinsing before drying.


Dry the Rug with a Fan/Hairdryer

When rugs suffer from water damage or if you simply want to remove dusty residue or cobwebs from rugs on your floor, running a fan across them is an efficient way to get them dry without drying out the fiber. Remember to use a cool setting and move the fan in small circles over the surface. If you want an even faster solution, using a hairdryer is also possible – just remember again to keep it on low temperature and use it sparingly.


Final Touches: Deodorize, Add Protector, etc.

These can include adding a protector, freshening up the rugs with an odor neutralizer, and applying an antistatic agent which will reduce dust accumulation and pet dander. This process is important for rugs to help maintain them over time and enhance their appearance. Protectors help rugs by creating a barrier from soiling agents that cause staining, while deodorizers keep rugs smelling fresh even when spot cleaning isn’t always possible.

Applying an antistatic agent makes rugs safer because it reduces static electricity that also plays a role in soil and allergen attachment as well as build up of electric charge that can cause area rugs to cling to hardwood floors or carpets.

Rug Cleaning - Freya Summers


Maintenance and Care Tips

Keeping rugs in good condition is essential for preserving their beauty, which is why it’s important to properly maintain them. The best way to do that is by using a vacuum cleaner regularly and brushing the rugs with a stiff brush or hard bristle. On a monthly basis it’s recommended to have rugs professionally cleaned in order to get rid of dirt, dust, and other debris that has collected deep within the fibers of your rugs.

Additionally, when dealing with rugs that have been stained, it’s important to act quickly by spot cleaning or blotting the stain rather than scrubbing it so that the stain isn’t spread further across the rug’s fibers.


Rotate the Rug Every Six Months

Rotating your rug every six months is an important part of preserving its beauty and cleanliness. Over time molds and other allergens can build up in the rug, especially if it’s exposed to excessive moisture, making regular rotation essential for keeping your rug in optimal condition. Not only does rotating decrease the chance of molds or other bacteria forming, but it also ensures even wear over the entire surface of the rug. This helps extend its life as well as provide a uniform look despite any signs of wear on one side.

Rug Cleaning


Choose the Right Underlayment for Hard Surfaces

Choosing the right rug underlayment for hard surfaces is crucial as it offers a degree of cushion and shock absorption, making sure your rug lasts longer. The type of rug and type of flooring will determine the most appropriate rug underlayment. When considering rug underlayment for hard floors, it’s important to choose one with high friction ratings that won’t slide. Consider the material of both rug and floor surface, as plastic and rubber are the safest materials to use when protecting hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring.

Rug pads come in composite foam or felt styles, with each type offering extra comfort on any chosen rug while still protecting your expensive surface below.


Rug Cleaning


Rug cleaning in New Canaan South Connecticut is an incredibly helpful and convenient service that helps homeowners maintain their rugs and carpets. Many people may think they are not able to get the deep clean they need on their own, but professional rug cleaning ensures that homeowners get a thoroughly cleaned rug exactly to their specifications. The process itself involves vacuuming the surface of the rug and then deep-cleaning it using reliable machinery and detergents, which results in a shine that can’t be achieved through DIY methods.

This specialized cleaning also helps remove stains, eliminate unpleasant odors, extend the life of the carpet, and protect from dust mites. Overall, rug cleaning in New Canaan South Connecticut is a must for everyone looking to invest time and effort into keeping their carpets in top shape.


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